Fortunately you don’t have to do this manually this would be quite an adventurous task as there are appropriate tools that can make this process much easier. Module Migration Pro In short it is a solution that enables data migration between two systems. It can easily transfer a large amount of information products categories customer groups complete order history reviews and opinions settings and data tax data data of suppliers and manufacturers. Importantly this module supports almost everything from the beginning All engine versions so you can transfer data even from very old storage. How the solution works is actually very simple.

After purchasing we receive two modules

One of  and the other in Target store. Then for security purposes Malaysia Telegram Data we set a password on the first password to protect access to the module and on the second password enter the address of the source store and the previously set password. This is all theoretical. All you ne to do is select the data you want to transfer and the module will handle the rest. The migration process itself is very fast and stable. But be careful! This is a job for critical and very important data of your store and during the process it may Problems will occur. We don’t recommend doing it yourself without expertise.

Telegram Data

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