An interesting finding is that the page captur for the keywords it rank for. That’s impressive and it’s the highest rating we’ve seen in our analysis. Business When we conduct our analysis the business we found relevant was from the UK. One of the least represent keywords in this category is business loans which only generat results in the UK. While the number of keywords in this category is smaller providing international content for queries relat to UK businesses can be more harmful. Which pages generate the most results? To make this article more actionable I’ve compil a summary of which of some of the most competitive financial products in the UK generate the most.

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The US which has successfully generat car insurance in one of the most Netherlands Telegram Data competitive industries in UK finance. Kudos to this site for being number one on our list generating results in the energy sector. Summarizing the above analysis it is clear that non-UK sites dominate financial searches far too much. While there are a handful of UK sites that are performing well UK queries being search are bringing back obviously irrelevant information. As an industry we’re always striving to improve quality whether it’s making content more relevant or professional so these findings suggest that Google itself could be doing more.

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We only look at financial terms so while we can’t definitively Singapore Email List say this is the same for all industries if so much is missing in financial terms it looks like it will be different for other categories. not too good. My advice is that if you invest any time in optimization you should now spend your time elsewhere because the cards are stack against you in finance. Featur snippets are still the main resource and don’t anyway seem to be affect by this geographic skew as much so go for featur snippets.