The term “ polyp ” defines an abnormal tissue growth along a mucous membrane, which protrudes into a body cavity. These can be classified based on various elements, including shape and surface, growth, size, method of anchoring, cytological composition and location. Furthermore, polyps can originate in multiple anatomical locations: there are uterine, intestinal, bladder, nose and stomach polyps. Furthermore, ear polyps are very common : let’s see together with Dr. Teodoro Aragona , otolaryngologist, what it is.

What is an ear polyp

In medicine, a polyp means a neoformation, sessile Spain Phone Number Data or pedunculated, originating from a mucous epithelium. In otology this term is improper and is used to indicate the presence of a “mucous-like” , which, if it increases in size, can occupy the external ear. From an anatomical-pathological point of view, this formation has a histological structure similar to the granulation tissue typical of some chronic inflammatory processes. What causes it and what are the symptoms? The causes of ear polyps are often linked to chronic inflammatory episodes that are often underestimated and poorly treated which, as they evolve.

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Can cause an abnormal tissue

Reaction around them. READ ALSO How many heartbeats Philippine Phone Number do you need to have per minute? Let’s find out how many beats per minute we need to have Here are the symptoms of nail cancer and how to recognize it nail tumor Stress-induced diarrhea: what it is and how to treat it boy touches his belly feeling unwell These polyps, also called “sentinel”, are often indicators of an underlying chronic cholesteatomatous otitis, a particular form of otitis with an epithelial histological component that behaves like a border-line tumor . In fact, although it does not present characteristics of metastatic spread, it tends to grow in an uncontrolled manner and wear out the surrounding bone. sometimes causing important complications such as brain abscess, meningitis, encephalitis, paralysis of the facial nerve, loss hearing loss and dizziness.