Less but more relevant website traffic. So it has better quality i. E. Lower bounce rate increases average pages per session increases session duration and increases goal conversion rate. The analysis of screenshots is one of the most important elements of the campaign. Over the next few months we launched other campaigns using additional advertising objectives. The result is a variety of ad formats including lead ad messages incentive ads or phone calls. We also use a radio advertising system. Other campaigns focus on continuously optimizing the core campaign and using all available ad systems and campaign objectives to promote the current campaign but we dont want that. Standard activities are put on a pedestal because we implement them every day for our clients they are nothing special. One very that we want to highlight in this article.

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Regulatory issues are additional marketing campaigns that we implement in this partnership. One of them was a really interesting big competition where the winners were undergraduates masters and computer science graduates. In addition to the grand prize we also gave out educational vouchers. The second step consists of decoding the image itself which contains the hidden information (on the two least significant bits). This is of course steganography and the principle of operation is well Israel Email List the video below. The email should be resent with the correct content (you wont know this until the image is decoded). An example of how steganography works. The third final step is very difficult: participants receive a short string encoded with a hash function. He can use a crack but of course the configuration remains a secret. However there are too many possibilities (and about this step.

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Idea we had to prepare a hint Each participant in this phase receives a message containing an illegible link we use anagrams here. Its actually a well-known word: steganography. Once you walk to this address you will see a large black cat (sign) with a small inscription above its head that says look left. The corner where the mask to be used in the program will be (you need to open the image in a new tab and zoom in on this area). In this way participants can determine the direction they should follow. Only in the contest against time who can decipher this string of characters who can send the correct answer first. One of the tasks of the final stage of the competition the whole thing was carried out using all available promotion methods (google BTB Directory etc. ) including the participation of industry influencers.