“When should I use automatic bidding?”: Almost everyone who has a Google Ads account. Automated bidding is a hot topic in our industry. There are always articles talking about the need to use automated bidding, quickly answered by messages warning that The Pros And Cons you should never automate your bidding. When it comes down to it, the real answer is not so simple: it depends. There are a variety of automatic bidding options in Google Ads . Some may be great for your account, but others may be terrible.  You may find that you have a use for every bidding strategy somewhere in your account, or you may not be able to use any of them. Until you understand how each bidding strategy works, this is impossible to determine.

Precautions for manual bidding

First, it can take precious time away from other tasks. When it comes down to it, manual bidding still requires an investment of time to evaluate performance, judge whether the keyword bid should change, decide what that change should Special Database be, and then make that change. Second, manual bids may be misinformed. When advertisers review performance metrics, we are at the whim of which metrics Google allows us to see for our The Pros And Cons campaigns. With automated bidding strategies, Google can take into account data points we don’t even know exist. These two drawbacks don’t mean that all automation is good and manual bidding isn’t the right solution for you. But these are something to keep in mind when determining bidding strategies.

Precautions for Enhanced CPC

Since Enhanced CPC can adjust keyword bids without maximum limits, there is a chance that the resulting bids and CPCs will be much higher than is profitable for the account. The goal of this type of offer is to increase the likelihood of a conversion, but not necessarily at the target cost per conversion (CPA) you have in mind.Try your improved CPC as a first step toward automation beyond manual BTB Directory bidding if your account is performing well. Keep an eye on CTR and CVR to see if the bidding strategy is working as expected (both should go up), but also track CPC and CPA to ensure results remain profitable.