Nothing could be more wrong! The first  , as the production of some cells increases during the hours of sleep. Drinking fluids is also important for a quick recovery, as their requirement is greater when you are unwell. Sleeping is always a problem when you have a stuffy nose, especially for little ones, as even breathing becomes difficult. To overcome this problem, in addition to sleeping in a higher position with the help of an extra pillow, it is possible to use nasal decongestants .

Step towards a fast recovery is rest

But be careful! These products should not be abused Turkey Phone Number Data as it is possible to develop a tolerance to the drug contained in decongestants and, consequently, these would no longer have any effect. Although it seems obvious, blowing your nose is of primary importance, rather than holding mucus so that germs are expelled. It is important not to blow your nose too forcefully, as germs could enter the ear canal, causing earaches. What remedies are there for colds? You can help your immune system fight colds with the following remedies.

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What are the causes? white gums Stains on teeth: causes Spain Phone Number List and possible remedies teeth-with-white-spots Acute pharyngotonsillitis, how it manifests itself and how to treat it woman with sore throat on the sofa Cleanse the nose with liquids to remove mucus from the nasal cavities that obstructs easy breathing – Saline solution is used as a liquid and can be purchased in the form of drops or sprays. Use decongestants (sparingly) that reduce inflammation of the nasal tissues. Do vapor inhalations – Breathing warm, humid air helps expel the mucus that accumulates in the nasal passages. To do inhalations, simply fill a bowl with boiling water and use a towel to place over your head, creating a dome to avoid dispersing the steam.