A long term treatment and is usually only used to treat seriously ill people while waiting for other treatments to take effect. What are the life prospects for a myositis patient? Most people with myositis respond to a combination. Of steroid and immunosuppressant¬† therapies . along with professional exercise. Steroids are often necessary albeit at very low doses. for several years. in addition to immunosuppressive drugs. This can lead to an increased risk of side effects and infections. but in most cases these can be managed with antibiotics if this becomes a problem. Hold fast. One of the richest and most complex ecosystems on the planet resides in our organism. with which it establishes an absolutely peaceful coexistence. That’s right. we are talking about the microbiota .

The set of microorganisms

That is.  Bacteria. fungi. protozoa and. sometimes. viruses Korea Telegram Number Data that live inside our body. influencing our health. These microbes are abundant on the skin and in the respiratory tract. urogenital tract and gastrointestinal tract. However. it is precisely the intestine that is by far the most colonized organ. more than 70% of the microorganisms in the human body live here. living in an area that is estimated to be the size of a tennis court. by nutrition. environmental and genetic factors. appearing completely different from one person to another. Its task is very simple but. at the same time. absolutely fundamental. to preserve our health.

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Carrying out essential physiological

Metabolic functions that the body would otherwise Lebanon Phone Number List not be able to carry out. A healthy microbiota . in fact. is able to protect us from various pathologies. Otherwise. an altered composition of this complex ecosystem can favor the onset of some diseases. sometimes even serious ones. In short. the microbiota shapes our organism. influencing its behaviors and reactions. Let’s see why. What is the role of the microbiota Each of us experiences a true symbiotic relationship with our own microbiota . which brings enormous benefits to both “participants”. Humans provide a warm. protected and rich environment for bacteria which. in return. help keep the body healthy.¬†