Therefore, Each country must evaluate and adjust the economic system implemented according to existing economic and social conditions. This can be done by re-evaluating the economic structure, strengthening. Institutions, improving infrastructure, and providing better social. Protection, to improve people’s welfare.In general, each country has. The weaknesses and strengths of each economic system implemented. Some countries that implement a market economic system tend to be. More efficient and produce higher economic. Growth, but also have higher levels of economic inequality.

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Therefore, Therefore, it is important to understand how the stock market. Works and tips that can be used to reduce risks and increase potential profits. By creating a good investment plan, knowing the companies and industries. You invest in, and diversifying your portfolio and monitoring your investments regularly. Therefore, And learning from mistakes and working with professionals, you can. Increase your chances of success in investing in the stock market.
Therefore, Determine the policy instruments that will be used. After determining goals and conducting economic analysis, the government and central bank must decide on the policy instruments that will be used to achieve these goals.

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Therefore, Determine policy targets. After determining policy instruments, the government and central bank must set policy targets, namely the expected results of the policy. Policy targets can be economic growth rates, inflation rates, unemployment rates, etc.
Develop an action plan. After setting BTB Directory policy targets, the government and central bank must develop an action plan that explains how the policy will be implemented. The action plan must include an implementation schedule, stages to be followed, and indicators of success.

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