How to face the exam well and excel?

Almost all my life I was involved with exams.

Starting from the days of being a student at school, then university, now I am a teacher who always prepares students for exams.

Therefore, I will share tips to face the exam well in this article.

Doing initial preparations will indeed help the candidate a lot

However, the exam itself is a tense atmosphere, which Phone Number List requires a candidate to have strong mental and physical abilities.

Therefore, knowledge about the subject alone is not enough to face the exam.

Candidates need to have high self-management, ability to maintain emotions and confidence in their abilities.

So I advise to do the following:

Before the Exam
Try to sleep. Do not revise the night before the exam. It is better to spend healthy sleep.
Be sure to take breakfast. It is better to eat the food we usually eat. If you are not hungry, drink juice, tea or coffee. The best choice for breakfast is food rich in glucose . It is quickly absorbed without filling the stomach.

Prepare the IC pen paper ruler and so on the evening before

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If you forget to bring documents that prove your BTB Directory identity, you will not be allowed to sit the test. Remember that only the examiner has the right to use a red pen on your paper – so don’t use the wrong pen!

Try to reach the exam hall within the stipulated time. The best time is to arrive a little early before the appointed time. We need to remember that we may encounter unexpected difficulties during the journey. So, going early is the best move.

During the Exam
If you are a candidate, then forget about smuggling small notes. Teachers or lecturers can often give sympathetic marks to students for mistakes, but they will not tolerate candidates who cheat.