Use the program Successfully meet the needs of the intenderecipient without installing additional software on the users computer. Differences in expecteapps The websites we come across a variety of websites when browsing the web. Most of them are mainly informative. These include any portal with a news blog or business website. They dont require much interaction from us their main purpose is to provide us with the data we need. The situation is different with an application which in addition to providing us with information is also ready to receive data from us The process it. These are computer programs placeon servers that exchange data between a computer network The computer user hosts via an internet connection through an internet browser. The concept of an application comes with the concept of an application At first glance when the source is in.

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When a given address is openein a browser we dont know what we are dealing with. However in short if there is no login on the page we are probably dealing with a website. Examples of applications are all social media like mailboxes or more complex utility applications eg. If our main goal is to provide the user with Solomon Islands Email List information such as news or our offers usemaking them passive recipients the site is rich in content then the standard site is sufficient for us. Even if we equip it with a contact form The a blog with a comment system well still isdealing with one page. In the case of a commenting system it would ispossible to create some authentication but from a programming point of view it would isa big abuse to talk about the application here. Logging itself makes us.

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It is possible to comment only on certain information but in no way promotes our actions. Apps can encourage interaction apps are websites that give us more than standard websites. They have their own characteristics that make them. The most important advantage to stThe out in the market is that there is no neeto install the application on the users computer a working browser is enough. Commonality of operating systems The applications to work under each system eg. Flexibility for all devices thanks to responsive web design we are able to create products for desktops tablets The smartphones. Interactive applications for any platform. Sources here refer to interaction as the possibility for the user to enter data which is processeon the application side The sent back to the receiver BTB Directory something that did not exist before.