Sport helps integration. Physical activity .  in fact. is aimed at everyone without classifications. Speaks a universal language. Promotes and disseminates basic values ​​for integration . such as equality. meritocracy. discipline. respect for oneself and others. Commitment and equality. In this key. physical activity takes on a fundamental role in  and adolescents. As well as a tool for integration between different sexes. ethnic groups. Confessions and cultures. Furthermore. sport also helps the inclusion of more fragile and weak individuals. such as disabled people and chronic patients.

What benefits physical activity entails

In order to identify  for disabled people or chronic patients. Professor Francesco Maria Manozzi. doctor of the CONI and CIP National. Sports Federations Germany Telegram Number Data and university professor in the specific subject. proposes a handbook that can be of help to paediatricians. doctors and parents. in order to identify the most suitable physical activity based on the individual characteristics of the young person and the type of pathology and/or disability. Down syndrome and sport Down syndrome is  the cause of mental retardation of different entities. will have to undergo an x ray of the cervical spine and an in depth echocardiographic examination.

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The disease is the weight gain suffered

A clinical manifestation of  by the majority of children Hong Kong Phone Number List and young people affected by the disease. Physical exercise together with a correct and balanced diet helps to control weight. strengthen muscles and correct posture. All this helps to protect the joints in case of weakness. a problem that frequently occurs in people affected by the syndrome. Among the recommended sports. gymnastics. which guarantees complete and compliant exercise on all body muscles and improves agility and quickness; swimming. in fact in water the force of gravity decreases and it becomes easier to modify and perfect some incorrect positions; volleyball which increases speed and muscular power. as well as being a team sport which allows for good integration.