Their characteristic mobility helps to distinguish them from other breast lumps. Mastitis – Infection of the breast that causes a lot of pain, redness and swelling. This disorder occurs mainly during breastfeeding. A complication of mastitis is breast abscess. A painful nodule forms and progressively enlarges. The skin of the affected area appears red, warm and with an uneven “orange peel” appearance. Sometimes, fever is associated with chills and general malaise. Galactocele – During the breastfeeding period, a galactocele can also form , i.e. a cyst filled with milk, rounded and mobile. All those described.

Above are nodules of a benign nature

In this case, therefore, we are talking about a neoplasm . Breast Taiwan Phone Number Data cancer  appears as a hard nodule that is adherent to the surrounding tissues. In fact, malignant formations tend to be rigid and have irregular edges. Retraction, flattening, loss of blood, serum or milk from the nipple may also occur. Finally, it is not uncommon for redness to occur, with an “orange peel” appearance of the affected skin, pain and axillary lymphadenopathy. village_care Why should breast lumps never be overlooked? A breast lump , therefore, can be both benign and malignant in nature. , recognizable by expert hands based on the general characteristics, must always be evaluated to exclude the worst, without leaving room for any type of doubt.

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Nutrition to counteract LDL cholesterol nutrition-to-counteract-ldl-cholesterol Positive sperm culture: what are the causes? Test tube with sample inside it Saudi Arabia Phone Number List World Brain Week: prevention strategies Model of the brain Specialist visit and instrumental tests – such as ultrasound and mammography – can give important clues to the nature of the nodules. In the event of a carcinoma, its surgical removal is essential. For fibroadenomas , surgery is generally not performed, unless the nodule is in an uncomfortable position, which makes surgical removal necessary, often carried out on a day-hospital basis . Breast lump: fibroadenoma, benign formation Some cysts , however, are subjected to needle aspiration, especially in women over 40. Examining its liquid contents is useful to verify its nature or to relieve.