With marketing materials, you have convinced people that your products and services are important, you know how to help, and therefore the purchase decision is easy to make. at its best.  last, there is a risk that some of the marketing material will not logically fit with the sales page. When writing a sales page, you may come up with new ideas, thoughts and insights that you want to include in the text of the sales page. you’ve talked about and written about before.

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In this case, the whole that is formed in the customer’s mind no longer seems logical, so it is easy to skip the new database purchase decision. The situation is a bit the same if in the marketing materials I would only talk about conversion and conversion optimization, but for the sales page I would talk about the Tone of Voice of the writing. Although these remotely belong together, they do not seem logical. 7. The sales page must clearly state who the product is not suitable for Many are afraid to limit customers outside of marketing.  perspective, this is a powerful confidence builder.

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You know for whom the product is suitable BTB Directory  and for whom it is not. And if you now say that your product is suitable for everyone, I strongly recommend that you go back to the table and think about it again. If the product is suitable for everyone, then it is not specific enough and its marketing is extremely difficult. On the sales page, you should be able to write things so that the reader can easily identify with them. “Everything to everyone is nothing to anyone.” -Tiia Konttinen If the product is suitable for everyone, relatability disappears completely. Sometimes it can also happen that when you start limiting people outside of your course or service, it becomes more interesting.