In Web Marketing there is a discipline called CRO (acronym for Conversion Rate Optimization) which indicates the set of activities that have the aim of increasing the effectiveness of a website. In Massimiliano’s case I first did CRO. I’ll explain. This is the main page from which Massimiliano receives contacts from potential customers interested in purchasing the course. Today you see it like this. But when Massimiliano became my client it was different. Very different. It was like this ( click here to see it ). These are the changes made: 1a) Link to the Ebook removed from the first paragraph Reopen the old page and focus on the second paragraph, the one that says: “To get started , DOWNLOAD my public speaking ebook for FREE in which I give you a lot of advice to communicate better on different topics: how to manage stress, gaze, posture, body language, the pause, the structure of the speech and language.” CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW Here Massimiliano first invited the user to download the ebook which allows them to subscribe to the newsletter and receive training content.

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The general line of trying to capture the customer’s email contact is all well and good, but IT WAS NOT AT ALL in this specific case!!! That page is used Phone number data  to SELL THE COURSE! If as a first piece of information you tell the user “Exit this page and go to the other to download the ebook…” do you know what happens? It happens that users do it! But they get distracted and then they DON’T buy the course from you anymore. Specifically, I verified this: by checking the Analytics statistics of Massimiliano’s site, I discovered that a good portion of the users who entered that page then left almost immediately by clicking on the link that downloaded the ebook. What we did: We immediately removed the link that referred to the ebook download page, which we inserted only at the bottom, AFTER the information request form for enrolling in the course. From the series: “On this page I will sell you the course, but if you get to the end and you are NOT convinced to buy, then instead of leaving empty-handed, always download the ebook”. Which is very different than offering it in the first paragraph of the landing page! 1b) Inserted the “Testimonials of satisfied customers” into the landing page.

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Testimonials from satisfied customers stimulate the lever of “social proof stated by Cialdini” and NOT exploiting them in the right way is a sacrilege to be avoided. What BTB Directory  we did: Very simply we distributed the testimonials of satisfied customers in different points of the landing, much more visible, so as not to run the risk of anyone losing them. 1c) Guarantee: we have made it MUCH more evident Massimiliano offers an extraordinary guarantee to its customers: the course lasts two days, and on the second day, before the lunch break (therefore a few hours after the end) gives the possibility to request a refund total. Nobody does this, and it offers customers VERY strong leverage: one is led to think “well after all, if I’m not satisfied, he’ll give me my money back” (incidentally, no one has ever asked him for it back). ?). Well, in the old landing Massimiliano already spoke about this guarantee, but in a less evident and almost whispered way: in my opinion it was necessary to intervene.