This is primarily because these auctions are laid-back events devoid of any urgency and without an auctioneer motivating the participants to bid higher and higher. However, this does not in any way make the items inferior in quality. Selecting the right items and incentivizing them can fetch bids that will not be less than traditional auctions. Statistically, there are some specific items that are very favored in silent auctionsand if you want your fundraising efforts to be successful, include a mix of them in the auction.

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After the auction ends, the organizers check the sheets and declare the winners of every item. No fixed time frame is set for silent auctions.It can DB to Data stretch from several hours to one day. Online silent auctions though can be held over 7-10 days for maximum participation of bidders from all over the world. After the winners are announced, the organizers dispatchand ship the items after receiving payment. Items That Are Popular at Silent Auctions It is generally seen that the bid amounts at silent auctionsare somewhat lower than that at physical auctions.

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How Do Silent Auctions Work? Just like traditional auctions, the merchandise. In silent auctions is also kept on tables in a. Hall to help the participants. Closely inspect them before BTB Directory bidding. But there the similarity ends. There is no one calling out the bids and neither is there any auctioneer with a paddle motivating them on. In its place, each item has a bidding sheet in front of it with 12 to 15 rows on each of them. When a silent auction starts, the participants write down the bids in the rows, every row having an amount that is greater than the previous one in increments that are pre-decided at the start of the auctions.