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When we are focused on completely different activities, analogies appear, contexts that otherwise would be difficult to come up with. , mind maps. Writing in a notebook for a few minutes every day is very relaxing and allows your thoughts to flow. Just as an athlete needs to warm up before a run, a person who works creatively should grab a pen and just write before starting a task. I admit that these are some of my favorite traditional tools that I always carry with me. And what if you don’t have a traditional notebook at hand? Make sure you have your phone or computer with you.

What tools can be used to save various

Types of text or graphic content effectively, simply and pleasantly? Google Keep – a simple notepad Photo: :gocloudl/porady-dot-wyzyskania-google-keep/ I recommend testing a few tools and choosing the one that will serve you best, but it’s worth starting with the very simple Google Keep tool, which is great for shorter notes, thoughts, everyday whatsapp mobile number list matters. keepoogle/ Evernote – note taking machine Photo: macworld/article/2019709/review-evernote-5-0-for-mac-improves-an-already-indispensable-servicetml Evernote, on the other hand, is a powerful note-taking tool where you can organize several notebooks (for various activities, also private ones.

It gives almost unlimited possibilities

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You can create notes, entire articles supplemented with photos, files. It provides huge editing the same time – all elements are automatically synchronized. In Evernote, we can set reminders for specific notes. evernote/ 2. Applications that will contain all inspirations – Pinterest, Blinkist There are probably millions of ideas in the world every BTB Directory day, but how many of them are completely new? Most of the ideas are modifications, collages or putting something that already exists in a different context. Photo: sarahdryordpress/2014/07/06/did-the-apple-really-fall-on-newtons-head/ The best way to come up with something is not to wait in an empty room in silence. But to be inspired by everything that is around – the world, culture, art, technology, nature.

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