Furthermore, sporting activity improves cardiorespiratory conditions. Increases muscle tone. as well as decreases anxiety levels stimulated by the pathology. Extreme sports should absolutely be avoided. As they increase the level of stress and nervousness and can also make it difficult to provide assistance.  recommended for diabetic patients . In fact. movement leads to an increase in the hypoglycemic effect of insulin; furthermore. Sport can also represent an excellent moment for integration for chronically ill people. An optimization of self esteem and a reduction in the psychological stress caused by the disease itself.

The importance of the sports doctor

The diabetic patient can carry out any physical activity. As long as it is followed and monitored by the treating doctor. In choosing sport. the role Canada Telegram Number Data of the sports medicine specialist is binding. Who must evaluate the situation and decide whether to recommend the activity to the patient. The doctor. after a careful evaluation. Will make the prescription with which the patient will be able to access the chosen sporting activity. In fact. sports practice must be proportionate to the individual in correct. Doses like a treatment sports therapy and as such if it is under dosed it does not produce benefits. but if over dosed it can also pose health risks.

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The case to be alarmed and immediately

Does your mood change suddenly and you don’t know why? It is not always think of the worst. In many cases. in fact. It is a simple consequence of the daily France Phone Number List stress that we are forced to face every day. Other times. however. when mood swings alternate heavily depressive phases with euphoric and manic phases. perhaps we are in the presence of a bipolar disorder . also known as bipolarism or manic depressive syndrome. Let’s see together what it is. and when necessary. seek the advice of a psychologist and a psychotherapist to try to resolve the problem as best as possible. Bipolarism. what is it? Bipolar disorder is  a very serious pathology which. if not treated promptly and adequately. can cause serious suffering and have disabling outcomes.