This pathology is among mood disorders and is characterized by serious mood alterations. Which are expressed in . With persistent elevation of mood and cycles of depression. This sequence called “manic depressive” is often difficult to identify clinically as it most. Often manifests itself through mild manic or hypomanic episodes. which make the diagnostic process difficult. To talk about bipolar disorder. both manic episodes¬† and depressive episodes must have. A pervasive influence on all areas of the individual’s life. Which cause disability both on a personal level and on a social work.

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Emotional and family level. Let’s learn to recognize some signs and evaluate when it is appropriate to contact a mental health specialist for a possible Oman Telegram Number Data check up. which affect over 10% of Italians and represent the second cause of permanent disability in our country . Among these. rheumatoid arthritis represents one of the most widespread pathologies. 300 thousand patients are affected by it. and there are 5.000 new cases per year. Despite being a widely known disease. even today the diagnosis remains uncertain. in fact. at the beginning. the symptoms of arthritis are not always recognizable and not all are present at the same time. Unfortunately. a lack of diagnosis leads to a delay in identifying adequate therapies which. although standard.

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During World Rheumatic Patient Day

Must be tested on the patient from time to time to Estonia Phone Number List evaluate their effects subjectively. Let’s see together how to treat this pathology. today.¬† . What is rheumatoid arthritis? Rheumatoid arthritis¬† RA is a chronic. autoimmune inflammatory disease. The main target of inflammation is the synovial membrane which lines the joint and lubricates it. through the synovial fluid produced. Immune system cells release inflammatory substances that cause swelling and joint damage. Arthritis causes pain. swelling and joint stiffness leading to a severe limitation of joint movement. with deformation of the joints especially in the hands and feet.