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More than 1 million cars were stolen in the united states in 2022—and about half of those thefts were attributed to driver error. Car theft is a multi-billion dollar crime, costing car owners more than $8 billion in 2022 alone . Passenger cars made up more than 74% of all stolen vehicles. Safety and protection against theft have always come first in transport . This is why tracking business has become so popular all over the world. -trace is more than just a monitoring solution; this is a partner who cares about your business and improves the quality of your service. Designed with precision and user focus, offers a comprehensive set of security features to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.

We offer branding options that allow

Moreover, it provides unique advertising opportunities to strengthen your brand . Discover fadvantages Consumer Mobile Number Database for partners: custom service plans customize your offerings with feature sets, storage and drivers, creating services that perfectly match your customers’ unique requirements. Improved control and support experience peace of mind by being able to effectively manage your services. Enjoy the convenience of your services while providing a high-quality user experience. Access anytime, anywhere: web and mobile platforms with web and mobile platforms, you can manage and monitor your services even from a distance, this is real-time monitoring. Fair billing choose a billing system based on your actual usage.

customized to meet individual needs

Pay only for the units you use and activate, promoting cost efficiency and transparency. Cost per unit of transport for a partial month number of days of transport tracking. Custom branding highlight your brand by customizing . The interface with your logo and colors, strengthening your market presence and the trust of your audience. Exclusive advertising opportunities BTB Directory gain significant visibility as a partner. Your business will be featured on our partner map on gps- and on our social media channels, offering extensive exposure and engagement opportunities.

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