Create Effective Product Descriptions

To write epic product descriptions means to allow your customers to get an overview of what to expect with your product in terms of features and functionality.

Unprofessionally written product descriptions can go two ways: they can be too technical or too salesy. Because some people try to be more specific when it comes to product expectations, they tend to get too technical. Summarizing the product features is good. However, one should not cross the line using too many terms that a potential buyer does not understand. By doing so, product descriptions become incomprehensible and misleading.

The use of simple everyday words makes it easier for people to understand what the product has to offer. Apart from that, customers are also likely to choose your brand because of the friendly tone. On the other hand, it can also be the other way around. If one personalizes a product description too much, it will start to look less and less professional.

To strike a balance between professionalism and customer friendliness, here are some tips you can apply:

Talk about the benefits and not just the specs

By doing so, you can put technical specifications into action. In this way, the customer learns about the product as if he had heard about it from a friend.

Be descriptive
Use words that really describe the phone number list essence of the product. You can do this by not only stating benefits but also providing examples and situations.

Use the appropriate keywords

Use keywords to make your product search engine friendly. However, be careful not to fill your product description with keywords that make it difficult for customers to understand your product. Boost Now is a free marketing feature on Shopee that you can use to expand your audience. By participating in the Boost Now promotion, Shopee will create advertisements for you which will be visible through various pages on the platform.

Define your buyer personas

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When you know what your ideal customer is, it will be easier for you to determine what tone and writing style will speak to them the most.

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