Unfortunately. a lack of diagnosis leads to . although standard. Must be tested on the patient from time to time to evaluate their effects subjectively. Let’s see together how to treat this pathology today. During World Rheumatic Patient Day . What is rheumatoid arthritis? Rheumatoid arthritis  RA is a chronic. autoimmune inflammatory disease. The main target of inflammation is the synovial membrane which lines the joint and lubricates it. through the synovial fluid produced. Immune system cells release inflammatory substances that cause swelling and joint damage. Arthritis causes pain. swelling and joint stiffness leading to a severe limitation of joint movement.

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With deformation of the joints especially in the Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data hands and feet. There is no of the wrists. Shoulders. knees. ankles. elbows and spine are also affected. rheumatoid arthritis. initial symptoms Joint involvement is usually bilateral and symmetrical. Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by periods of remission of symptoms interspersed with periods of exacerbation which influence. certainly not positively. the patient’s quality of life. What are the initial symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis? As occurs in other forms of arthritis. the initial symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis may appear gradually over time. Patients usually feel morning stiffness in the various affected joints. this difficulty in movement .

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Tends to improve during the day especially after Cambodia Phone Number List taking corticosteroids. READ ALSO Intestinal adhesions. everything you need to know Intestinal adhesions. what causes them and how to treat them? Colon cancer. symptoms to pay attention to doctor visits patient Changing your GP. here’s how to do it online and offline Doctor with patient In addition to instrumental investigations   such as radiographs and joint ultrasounds   from a laboratory point of view. the alteration of inflammation indices is often identified through specific tests. such as. VES PCR Rheumatoid Factor Anti citrulline antibodies Anti nuclear and anti DNA antibodies Sideremia – Ferritin and Transferrin Other symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis experienced by patients may include.