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Business class, with a share of 13.6 percent, recordd growth of more than 4 percent – on domestic flights, at 11.5 percent, this is almost 7 percentage points higher than in 2019. Germans book business class more often than most of their European neighbors. Incidentally, the business class was even more popular in 2021 due to the necessary social distancing. The current development could also be an indication that companies would like to show special appreciation to their traveling employees after two challenging years.

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Business travel trends travel duration, bar chart 3. More sustainable travel and more bleisure travel Basd on the flight data of the past whatsapp mobile number list few years, can statements be made regarding a trend towards more bleisure travel? Compard to 2019, more business trips startd on the weekend: around 16 percent startd on a Saturday or Sunday – three years ago this share was 12 percent. Some non-working time has increasingly been schduld – and there are good reasons that this trend could continue in 2023.

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Especially since the offer of being able to better combine private and business trips can be worthwhile for companies at different levels – for BTB Directory example as a strong argument in the competition for the best talent, which will intensify given the shortage of skilld workers . Bleisure Travel can also help improve work-life balance, boost morale and improve employee satisfaction at the same time . And all this at little or no additional cost. All strong arguments. Last but not least, such a combination can also contribute to rducing the CO 2 footprint and thus contribute to sustainability aspects.

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