We all know content is king now. Content supported by compelling visual elements is even better. However, if you rely primarily on images to tell your story, search engines will read your website as visual in terms of content. If you have a lot of videos and infographics , help search engines with summary descriptions of the video or image content, and even better, add related content on the same page. That way, search engines will know what’s on that page when they scan your site. And optimize your images by always using alt tags on images. Google can even detect keywords in Flash if you follow their instructions on how they read content.

Using the correct Heading tag helps with SEO

Breaking up content with Heading tags (like we did above), is a smart idea for many reasons. Not only WhatsApp Number does it make your content scannable and readable, it can also boost your SEO if you use them properly. Search engines weigh them by quantity ( H1s carry the most weight), and the more keywords you can put into them, the better. A lot doesn’t mean you’ll be cramming.HTML5 is the latest version and it has some good SEO support signals. The new elements are called semantic explanation elements, which provide an explanation of what’s contained in a section of the web page, making it easier for search engines to understand what’s on the pages.


Mobile-friendly means SEO-friendly

Search engines rank mobile-friendly websites better for good reason. Currently, the majority of users search BTB Directory Google on mobile devices, so they prioritize sites that provide a better mobile experience. You can create a mobile version of your website to load on mobile phones and tablets, but it’s better to use responsive design layouts that work with any device. for SEO. Because when designing in a responsive way on each device, there is only one version of the code for search engines to crawl, so websites will be indexed faster. Plus, search engines hate duplicate content, and if you have a desktop version and a mobile version, you can have the same page on both. If you don’t know how to handle it, you may be fined for this duplication.