We Ne to Talk About Google¬† International The views of SEO authors are entirely their own excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis and may not always reflect the views of SEO experts. I’ve been frustrat with features in search results for some time. My disappointment wasn’t that they took up a lot of space on that’s another post entirely but that their quality never liv up to my expectations. It’s been running since 2010 and it’s a pretty big deal. Currently track relat questions in searches more than any other feature. The quality issue I have is that I still find some obscure questions and results or content from other countries.

When I run a search with a general answer

You eat raw chicken? the answer is universally correct so Mexico Telegram Data there is no problem with the result. However when I run searches that should return local UK content e.g. car insurance I see a strong influence from the US especially in terms of queries. I want to know how big of a problem this actually was so my team and I analyz several of the most search keywords in the financial industry for which we expect UK results to appear. Before we delve deeper my basic question for this research is should financial queries originating from the UK whose products are govern by UK regulations return relevant questions with UK content.

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I believe they should

The end of this post you agree. Our Methodology To conduct our Poland Email List analysis we follow the steps below to tag keywords by categories and subcategories. Remove keywords for which you expect generic results such as insurance definitions. Use extraction and corresponding ranking. Are the results we see correct through manual review to determine origin? Of the available finances we found non-UK content was return.