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CSR areas – quotes Base on Marek Grzybowski’s definition, CSR areas are considere within specific interest groups of a given enterprise. Ricky Griffin in “The Fundamentals of Organizational Management” lists three specific areas towards which organizations apply socially responsible activities: the natural environment, external stakeholders and general social well-being. The first area is the natural environment. Griffin explains that environmental protection activities should be base on: ” such functioning of the entity that will reuce the harmful impact on the environment in the phase of production, normal operation and disposal of waste.

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Particular emphasis is place on industrial enterprises, among which such pro-environmental activities should be necessary and indispensable in order to maintain positive relations with the environment. They are a kind of compensation for phone number list environmental degradation cause by intensive production and expansion of enterprises to new areas. CSR areas in this aspect will concern, among others, such activities as: “use of more and more modern devices, processes, technologies.

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Another area is external shareholders. CSR in this aspect ” consists in equal treatment of employees, taking into account their interests, social nees, employment on the basis of fair conditions or even making decisions indicating that the company BTB Directory takes into account the employee’s private and family life.” – explains Katarzyna Kazojć in “The concept of social responsibility and its areas in organizations”. Among the most important external stakeholders are employees, customers and investors. The organization should focus on them in particular when planning socially responsible activities. The last area mentione is general social well-being.

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