Product selection is an important step to become a successful Shopee seller. This results in energetic growth for big brands and is the kind of boost small businesses need to push. Below is a complete guide on how you can find the best products to sell on Shop. You will have to voluntarily partner with a specific logistics. Service to assist you in shipping your products. Meanwhile, as a Shopee seller, you only need to select and then your product can be picked up or dropped off when you receive your first order.

Why You Should Sell on Shopee

While having your own eCommerce store does have its advantages, here are some of the known benefits of selling on a marketplace like Shopee:

By using Shopee, you can start selling database online right away with no upfront costs. In comparison, if you decide to run your own eCommerce store, you will have to pay for domain, hosting, and website development (which is something you are not prepared for if you are a small business).

When you start an eCommerce store, you have to build interest and traffic from scratch. Whereas if you become a Shopee seller, not only can you set up your online store for free but you can also enjoy free traffic (meaning you will immediately have the opportunity to make sales at the start of your launch)You don’t have to worry about logisticsIf you own an eCommerce store.

Free Live Streaming Platform


Live trading or live streaming is currently the most popular way to market and sell products online. Even without Shopee, you still participate in this trend, but if you do, you will limited to the following:

Social Media Live Streaming

Live Stream Functionality Embedded in Your eCommerce Site

Sometimes the downside to social media live streaming is that some audiences on Facebook, for example, have no buying BTB Directory intent. So you can generate interest which can increase your following, but not always result in an immediate increase in conversion rate.

Meanwhile, embedding live streaming functionality into your own website can be expensive and requires a lot of maintenance.