Shopee Preferred Seller is a credential given to active shopee sellers who are able to maintain high store ratings, good customer service with little to no failed or canceled transactions either by sellers or customers.

To be more specific, becoming a Preferred Shopee Seller means you are successfully implementing Shopee’s vision of providing shoppers with the best online shopping experience. In that aspect, it is important to follow the Shopee Community Rules and Regulations which we will cover at the end of this guide.

Meanwhile, these are the basic criteria for a Seller’s Choice of Seller that you must meet:

In contrast to real-time shopping, eCommerce platforms like Shopee do not allow customers to experience products. With that, product images become one of the main bases for customers whether they should complete an order or not.

Make sure to upload at least three product images showing people what the product looks like from different angles. This helps buyers describe what the product will actually look like when they receive it.

It might be worth investing in either a DSLR camera or a flagship smartphone with an excellent camera. Backgrounds go a long way in enhancing the overall quality of your images. As such, it’s necessary to find the perfect area to set up your mini photography studio – preferably a table by the window.

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Photography Equipment You Need to Prepare:
DSLR camera or flagship camera phone
DSLR cameras are equipped with functions that will really help you improve the quality of your shots. However, if you whatsapp mobile number list don’t already have one, a good camera phone will do. There is a common misconception that the camera is the one that takes the picture. In reality, the camera is only one part of the equation. What makes a good photo is the right exposure, lighting, post-processing and style. These are things you can control manually using the rest of the tools below.

White broom
A broom refers to a small piece of equipment used as a backdrop by most photographers. We recommend using a white wash as it highlights your subject (which is the product) more. You can easily order one from Amazon but you can also go to your local art store or drugstore and buy white poster board. Make sure the poster board is pure white as off-white colors have dominated some markets lately.

Shopee Preferred Seller

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You’ll need a tripod to keep your images from blurring when you’re trying to get the sharpest shot.

Many people are used to setting their cell phone camera to automatic. However, to take good product pictures, you BTB Directory need to play a little with the settings. Regardless of whether you are using a DSLR or a cell phone camera, you will be asked to set your camera to a very small aperture. This allows you to have the most depth of field. Depth of field determines how sharp or focused the image will be.

When you set your camera to a small aperture, holding the camera leads to a blurry image. So, the answer is to use a tripod.