If you find it difficult to write food copywriting, follow the tips below.

Use relaxed language
Use simple and relaxed language in writing depending on the type of target audience .

The use of sensory elements
Aiming to give a more encouraging picture of the food offered.

Therefore, use words related to taste, smell, look and texture to increase customer confidence in photo lighting.

Mention the target audience in the paragraph
Incorporate appropriate nicknames or titles in food copywriting to attract the attention of the target audience.

4. Give an overview of problem solving
Use words that can describe the solution. For example “Hungry but don’t know where to eat? Warung ceria has a variety of menus for you”.

Attract readers by giving discounts on your food.

3 important copywriting formulas

The use of formulas in food copywriting also serves as a bulwark for effective advertising.

Here we will share 3 important formulas that must be digested to write clear and good copywriting.

Attention : attracts the reader’s attention by placing asimple but prominent title or headline such as a question, surprising fact or problem.

If readers are interested, they buy telemarketing leads will definitely continue reading and vice versa.

Interest : to ensure that the reader is interested in the product or service, make sure you answer the question or provide a solution to the reader’s problem as emphasized in the attention section .

Desire : introducing your product or service by explaining the benefits or advantages that buyers will get.

Action : make sure the reader takes action after reading your ad such as calling the given number, sharing the post or making a purchase.

The closing of each copywriting must end with a call to action or suggest that the reader take follow-up action after reading the post.

This formula is deeper than the previous formula

Emphasizing the problems faced by BTB Directory customers so that the product or service can attract readers because it will be the solution to their problems.

After getting the customer’s attention, you can emphasize the impact or what can happen if the problem the customer faces is not resolved immediately.

At this stage, you need to explain how the product or service offered can solve the reader’s problem.